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The Seed Podcast with Jeff LaFortune

Sep 27, 2021

With the fall season upon us it's time to start bundling up. Speaking of putting on some clothes… that’s what we are talking about today!

We are taking a close look at what the men and women of scripture were strutting around in. From head to toe you will find out that each piece of clothing has a reason and purpose. 

We’ll look at why girls use to flirt with their feet and check out some of the grossest dye jobs you’ve ever learned about. 

Did you know that there are way more theories and truths about things like King Davids insanely heavy crown or Elisha’s possible angel owned cloak... then you may have learned by just skimming over the Bible? We are going to uncover some of scriptures most powerful accessories and incredible items in today's episode... including learning about Moses’ magic stick which may just have been around since the beginning of time.

Where can you learn about the importance of snail juice, hankies with more than a little boogie in it and soldiers that love stepping on nails? Right here and right now. Its time for The Seed.


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Verses used for this episode:


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And remember to keep on digging!