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The Seed Podcast with Jeff LaFortune

Nov 15, 2021

The term “Black Robe Regiment” referred not to a literal regiment of soldiers that wore black robes into battle. Instead it refers to the influential clergymen who promoted American independence and supported the military struggle against Britain. By encouraging the Patriot cause, those ministers helped spur critical support among members of their congregation. This was support that the British totally hated and also acknowledged as incredibly important to maintaining the colonists' passionate resistance to the British powers.

Because of their defiance and ability to build up colonial forces faster than even the recruiters of the day, these rebel preachers were targeted more so than many of other military troops. 

Families were torn apart, churches were burned, reverends were torchered and many of these devout saints took up arms and fought in one of the most important wars in American history.


Many historians agree that the war would have turned out much differently if not for the brave clergy who set their Bibles down for a time only to grab their muskets.


Who were these brave soldiers, what truly made them such a threat and what atrocities awaited any of these pastors if they were ever captured? Click play to find out. 


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