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The Seed Podcast with Jeff LaFortune

Jul 24, 2021

David Livingstone was a Scottish physician and pioneer missionary, an explorer in Africa, and one of the most popular British heroes of the late 19th-century. He had a mythic status that operated on a number of interconnected levels: Christian missionary, scientific investigator, explorer, and anti-slavery crusader.

Livingstone's fame as an explorer and his obsession with learning the sources of the Nile River was founded on the belief that if he could solve that age-old mystery, his fame would give him the influence to end the East African Arab–Swahili slave trade. 

Livingstone was found with his arm ripped to shreds while a lion was standing over his body, he witnessed a true massacre right before his eyes, he traveled with cholera and malaria and was lastly cut off from all contact from the known world. He experienced all this to bring freedom from sin and slavery to the people of Africa. 

What were his successes? What were his failures? 

Hit play to find out.


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