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The Seed Podcast with Jeff LaFortune

Jun 6, 2021

This week we are jumping back into scripture to cover the life of a fan favorite… David. But we are not going to be covering his early years… not yet anyways. Nope. 

We are fastforwarding to his time after he becomes King. Actually we are going to dial in on a very specific time during his rule and the choices he made that would affect the world forever. Choices that also involved the second star of the episode… A girl by the name of Bathsheba. You might have heard of her. 

So we will be lightly touching on those events today as we go over a quick setup seeing what brought lil David into king status. Then we stop… and cover a story from the eyes of one of his subjects. Bathsheba herself. If you think she was just a young temptress who was trying to seduce the king so she could sleep her way into power… prepare to have your mind blown! Not only because of who she was but how important she is. Which you will find out as we focus on this young woman after her story is told.

Lastly we will answer the question: why is David considered a man after Gods own heart after being such dill hole? Stay tuned for that.

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